As something new we establish a stakeholder and intermediation network linked to the Centre. This network is established with the Centre and must – and will through an early involvement of the users - prepare for implementation of the results in construction practice.

The network is directed primarily towards the expected users of the findings from the Centre’s activities. Users include construction practitioners (developers, designers, materials and executive producers), authorities and organizations with property management (including operation and maintenance).

The preliminary budget for the Centre there is allocated 2 million. Danish kr to the operation of the stakeholder and intermediation network (0.4 million kroner. annually). In connection with the establishment of the Centre considering whether the actual operation of the network could / should be outsourced.

The network will be built alongside the research.

For more information on stakeholder and communication network, please contact: Jesper Kirkeskov, National Building Research Institute (SBi), Aalborg University, via phone: +45 99402262, mobile +45 28128675 or email: